Amazing office space set in the Wineland’s of South Africa

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Alphen Park
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Our Offices
Our offices already have all the basics for your convenience. These fully carpeted spaces are kitted out with plenty of wall plugs, making a meeting in any area of the office convenient. Air conditioners provide relief during the hot summer months and warmth during the chilly Cape Townian winters. Each office also has a kitchen area as well as close access to toilet facilities. The secure offices are generously glazed, allowing for natural light to fill these inspiring spaces.
  • -  Fully carpeted
  • -  Air-conditioned
  • -  Plenty of wall plugs
  • -  Lots of windows (with views) & natural light
  • -  Secure
  • -  Kitchen area (with basins, cupboards & running water
  • -  Close access to communal bathrooms in corridors
Alphen Park Offices
Available Office space
Alphen Park | Constantia Main Rd | Cape Town
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